Our services include data management and analysis, manuscript and report writing, development and implementation of data-entry systems, and SAS training.

We process and analyze primary and secondary data for research purposes. We have analyzed data and co-authored papers deriving from health-insurance claims, clinical trials, and government surveys. Our multiple years of experience managing data provided in various media from different platforms allow us to quickly ascertain the most efficient way to import and reshape data for analysis.

We implement interactive web-based data entry systems including cross-validation, status reporting and data transfer. Systems that require sophisticated graphic design are developed with strategic partner Gunnar Swanson. We also design data entry systems using more traditional stand-alone and client-server tools such as MS Access and SAS. Many of our MS Access-based systems are developed in conjunction with strategic partner DataStep Development. Regardless of the platform and tools used, our approach to data entry systems development is guided by our understanding of your users and ultimate analytical needs. We therefore ensure that your data are cleaned and exported to the analytical package of your choice efficiently.

We are happy to participate in result dissemination as our clients see fit, and to coauthor publications, abstracts, scientific presentations, and reports.

An exciting part of the collaborative process is the opportunity to teach or mentor others. We have taught classes on various aspects of SAS programming and analysis both at the university level and more informally through SAS user groups. We will train your staff on subjects ranging from programming efficiency to ODS to macro implementation.